Monday, April 25, 2011

big plans: defined

I had a longer post written here, but it entailed the long process and emotional roller coaster I rode in order to arrive at this "big plan".  I'll save you from all details and keep them for my future grandchildren when they need a lesson about making big life-changing decisions. 


I started my paperwork at the beginning of March, and will hopefully in a few weeks receive a big white envelope that includes not only a mission call but also the most suspenseful occasion you could imagine - except for maybe a Lakers' playoff game in overtime. 

College grad? Check. 

On to the next adventure! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

why life is rockin' right now

 - enjoying fun things in Utah with my family

{I'm related to the cutest little kids on the planet}

- seeing this beautiful temple during the springtime

"I'm going there someday..."

- knowing what I will do after graduation 

I figured out what I will do for the next little bit. 
A few years ago I created an image in my head of what I would like my graduation day to entail, and it's amazing how close I got {about 99% of what I wanted!} 

√ 1.  a more grown-up look {pierced earrings and bangs help} 
√ 2.  immediate + extended family present for all the celebrations! 
3.  in a serious relationship  {hey, you know- I am happy, and it's all about timing. Everything happens for a reason! : ) } 
√4.  weighing as much {or should I say as little?} as I did in high school.  
I am back to what I weighed my junior year... when I was 17.  It was a long obstacle, and I hope I can keep it up and be even more fit! 
√ 5.  knowing my next big adventure 

I'll tell you soon . . . 
. . . but right now I have to:

 pick up my cap and gown
pay a parking ticket {bahaha} 
buy a BYU basketball/Jimmer T-shirt
go have a dessert party with my lovely friends

oh yea, and graduate from college. 

: )

Thursday, April 14, 2011

little finds on and off the web


Snippets of Dead Poet's Society
{Emie was watching it. I need to see it from beginning to end.}

King's Speech.
I saw an edited version at the Academy Theatre last weekend!
The cinematography is wonderful.  Simple, limited, and includes some untraditional framing which I loved.

Modern Family {TV}


I read the first book of the Hunger Games series.  It was good! After 40 pages of reading the second, I lost interest. I don't like how picky I have become with the books that captivate my interest.  I think I need to find some good historical books.
Any suggestions?

I love words.
New word: surreptitiously - done in secret because if discovered it would most likely not receive a seal of approval.

There is something about reading guys' blogs that makes me so content.  I feel like I have scored secret access into the way they think.  And men, real men, don't normally blog at all, so it's a nice find.

A son captures amazing photos and a sad story about his father.

Little notes of what this man will do for his wife.  Witty, honest, a bit blunt; collectively adorable. I love these:

soon to be graduate

Guess what I am doing in a little over a week? 

Tossing my cap up in the air as a BYU graduate. 

Cool, right?

I haven't been thinking too much about all the excitement until now because of work and various projects and other things, but now I am really looking forward to seeing my friends who are still up there, and other fun BYU things such as: 

Eating at the Skyroom
Seeing the blossoms and pretty flowers on campus
Hopefully running into Cosmo
NOT feeling stressed during finals week, cuz hey! I have no finals!  HA!
Buying a Jimmer T-shirt, or two 

And I'll be in Park City. 
Oh how I love Park City!!! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have a bit of free time on my hands, and I spend a lot of it on my laptop.  {Surprise surprise!} I like to stumble on and recently have started to browse through Pinterest, = overload on beautiful style photographs, design ideas, and anything artistic.  The images that catch my eye are most often quotes with fun typography.  Sometimes I would find an old familiar quote that I have written down in my quote book, but there are many that haven't been illustrated.  

And then I had an idea:  Why don't I make my own? 

Here is the first.  And it's actually not a quote by anyone famous, it's just one of my life mottos that I love.

Hopefully the first of many to come...