Sunday, February 27, 2011

jimmer love

People ask me "Do you miss BYU?"  
The three things I miss about being on campus right now are: 
1. my friends 
2.  the skiing 
3.  the games

There is something going on right now called Jimmer Mania, and I am missing out.  I am definitely going to buy a Jimmer shirt when I am on campus in April.  

Luckily fellow BYU fans are not hard to find in these parts- so it makes for great company when watching the game and feeling part of the Jimmer Craze.   On Saturday I watched BYU destroy San Diego with some pretty vocal fans with my cousin Heather - we shared some giggles as one of the boys yelled "GO POP SOME POPCORN, ORVILLE REDENBACHER!!"  {the SDSU coach apparently has similarities to the popcorn man}  

If you don't have Facebook, or don't know about the group "JIMMER LOVE"  let me show you some hilarious photos people are posting. 

The walkway to the Marriott Center: 

And some are ever so slightly sac-religious - yet still funny: 


The girl who wrote a letter to the Daily Universe complaining about all the Jimmer Mania, and THEN mentioning it on her facebook status =  Michelle Peralta.  If you wiki her name - this comes up:

In case you didn't watch the game - San Diego fans don't like us.  This is not the first time they have dressed as missionaries with bike helmets.   They are pretty rude with their signs, shouting, throwing drinks and candy onto the floor.  It didn't bug me so much once I read this comment by a fan:

"Now SDSU fans know what it is like to wear white shirts and ties and get rejected all the time"

A few days ago I walked into Emily's room and saw a big newspaper spread of BYU basketball with Jimmer's face taped in front of her book shelf.  I laughed, started clapping, and said "Way to go Emily!  Good taste!"  and she said, "Wait.  That wasn't you who put that up??" 
It was Dad. 

I think I was watching too many highlights yesterday and reading too many tweets about the game because I ended up having a dream about Jimmer:

 I was in a school cafeteria {probably at BYU} and ended up being right behind Jimmer in line for food.  I talked casually with him as if he was any normal guy.  I remember making him laugh.  And then I also remember some girl behind me who apparently was my friend whisper in my ear, "Pretend to fall and he will catch you!"  I didn't want to, so she pushed me into him and it was awkward.
He said "I'm sorry" and then I woke up. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"what makes you happy?" list #1 - cara morales

I love to discover what makes people happy, so I've decided to feature some of my favorite people and their happy lists. 

Cara Morales, my cousin, is always making me laugh.  At Lake Powell when we were younger she captured two stuffed animals in a row from the claw game at the grocery store and made it look like it was as easy as tying your shoes.   She is the one in group pictures who will grab someone's tush from behind - Heather is usually the victim.  She is the reason why I love to swing dance and listen to big band music.  I will never forget the time she took me to Tia Juana's Bar in Irvine when I was 16 where they had swing dancing. Before we walked in she said "Don't tell anyone how old you really are!"  It was my first time dancing with complete strangers, and it really helped me learn how to follow different guys' leads in dancing.  She loves following sports {USC Football/Mark Sanchez, Lakers, Jets/Mark Sanchez} and has one of the biggest hearts I know!   

Here is what makes her happy:

1. Joe

2. Wedding Day :)

{my cursor was over Joe when I took this screenshot on facebook.  That is Joe Morales in case you were wondering.}

3. Nieces and Nephews

4. Family (cousins!)

5. Pictures of Grandpa

{Again, Shauna is in this picture, just fyi.}

6. Disneyland


7. Beach

8. Mango Pinkberry 
 9. Thai food at Spice Thai 
10. DVR